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This year is the fifth edition of VINIS TERRAE which is already positioned as the only fair exclusively professional specialized in the Galician quality wine and spirits and which tries to get all the producers of Galicia.

It is a fair able to position our wines in different areas of the Spanish and international market interested in the Galician production, in order to stimulate the exportation in this sector, as well as the presence of Galician wines in all the Spain, both through the distribution and the channel HORECA.

Expourense turns into a large BUSINESS CENTRE that will facilitate the direct contact between the wineries and producers of liquors and spirits of the different Galician denominations, throughmeetings with national buyers and importers from all over the world, making thus the fair become a forum of commercial and managerial interchange.

VINIS TERRAE, at the same time as it provides NEW INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES to the wineries and Galician cooperatives, will improve their production by encouraging an image of global Quality Labelof the Galician wines and liquors.

Importers' mission

Vinis Terrae will welcome importers from several countries who present high consumption levels and preferences for the Galician wine (Germany, Netherlands, the United States, Poland, Austria, the United Kingdom).
There will be also countries called "favorable" to the Galician wine production (Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Panama).

Visits from Spanish and Portugueses Buyers

Also, there will be Iberian buyers from both distribution and hotel sector whohave an interest in the own characteristics of the Galician wines and liquors, especially those who work in areas of great tourist concentration and hotel business to extend the Galician wines' offer on the domestic market.


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