Ourense Vinis Terrae facilitates the positioning in the foreign market of 50 Galician wineries

Priorato de Razamonde 2018 (D.O. Ribeiro), Peza do Rei 2018 (D.O. Ribeira Sacra) y Paco & Lola Prime 2016 (D.O. Rías Baixas) awarded at the 1st Extraordinary Wine Tasting Ourense Vinis Terrae

Ourense, 04/02/2019.- OURENSE VINIS TERRAE closes this afternoon the doors of its 8th edition in which quality wine from 50 Galician wineries has convinced buyers from 14 countries. For yet another year, the success of the format of this fair is confirmed, which revolves around B2B meetings around a table at which the winemaker who produces quality wines and the potential national or international buyer who shows a preference for native varieties sit, who values the way of producing wines from family-run wineries and who knows what he is looking for and what he needs for the market in which he works.

The satisfaction of the exhibitors of this edition has been generalized and, as indicated by Chisco Santiso of Singular Galician Cellars, one of the exhibitors, “this fair allows us to meet in two days with at least 20 importers interested a priori in the wines we produce. That is not offered by any other fair in the sector ”. Another of the exhibitors, Santiago Roma, explained today that “this fair allows me to calmly meet with the importer, explain who I am and what I do, introduce myself and present my wine. The contacts made here are very good and that is why many of us repeat ”.

This 8th edition concludes with a total of more than 1,000 business appointments having been held and attracting more than 700 visits, since in addition to the mission of importers, professionals from the restaurant, hospitality or distribution sector of the national market participated in the fair. Ourense Vinis Terrae has therefore contributed to advance in the internationalization of Galician wines and “in promoting the quality of the Galician rural environment that all the institutions deserve to make a great bet to defend it and this event is a perfect example”, he said. the director of the Galician Agency for Food Quality-AGACAL, Manuel Rodríguez, during his visit to the room in which he participated in a large part of the activities scheduled for today.

One of the central events of this second day of the show was the award ceremony of the I Extraordinary Wine Tasting Ourense Vinis Terrae, which was directed by the renowned sommelier Mercedes González and had a panel of experts in which representatives of the Galician Association of Winemakers, the Gallaecia and Agasu sommelier associations of Galicia and the Galician Tasters Association, as well as other experts from outside Galicia. The wines awarded with the first place will participate on April 29 in a tasting organized at the Casino de Madrid. The vice president of the Ourense Provincial Council, Rosendo Fernández, and the director of AGACAL, Manuel Rodríguez, participated in the awards ceremony.

This is the list of the award-winning wines by categories:


1st awarded: Wine cellar PACO & LOLA. Wine: PACO & LOLA PRIME 2016  (D.O. Rías Baixas) 2nd awarded: Wine cellar: ROANDI. Wine: DOMUS 2014   (D.O: Valdeorras)TINTOS1st awarded: ADEGA CACHÍN. Wine: Peza do Rei 2018   (D.O. Ribeira Sacra) 2nd awarded: Wine cellar: PILARES DE BELESAR. Wine: Asolagados 2018 (D.O. Ribeira Sacra) 3rd awarded: Wine cellar: VINOS & BODEGAS GALLEGA. Wine; Rectoral de Amandi 2018 (D.O. Ribeira Sacra)BLANCOS 1st awarded: Wine cellar: PRIORATO DE RAZAMONDE. Wine: Priorato de Razamonde 2018 (D.O. Ribeiro) 2nd awarded: Wine cellar VINOS & BODEGAS GALLEGAS. Wine: Rectoral do Umia 2018 (D.O. Rías Baixas) 3rd awarded: Wine cellar: VíA ARXÉNTEA. Wine: Vía Arxéntea 2018  (D.O. Monterrei)

Among the activities held today I also highlight the WETWINE Workshop given by AGACAL, which had the objective of publicizing new technologies applied to the sustainable recovery of waste in the wine sector. Winery owners and managers, managers of Engineering, Production, R + D + i, Design, Logistics and Systems of industrial companies mainly related to the wine sector and the water and waste treatment sector participated in it.

Also today two commented tastings were held on the awarded wines (reds and previous harvests) with the Gold and Silver Acios in the Official Tastings of Galicia. For its part, the Galician Oenological and Viticultural Station – EVEGA, gave a new practical workshop on the defects of white wine and how to alleviate them and presented its monograph No. 4 on Treixadura, the queen of Ribeiro. This presentation was attended by the president of the Ourense Provincial Council, José Manuel Baltar.

Ourense Vinis Terrae had the strong support of the Provincial Council of Ourense and the Xunta de Galicia through the Galician Agency for Food Quality (AGACAL) attached to the Ministry of Rural Affairs.