Wines of Galicia

Monterrei, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro y Valdeorras are the five Appellations of Origin existing in Galicia, a quality seal that distinguishes Galician wines for their flavor, their healthiness and, as the term indicates, for their autochthonous origin, since in most cases it is of varieties that do not exist in other parts of the world.

There are five Denominations differentiated by the climate, by the type of soil and, above all, by the different varieties of grape used in its production.

Galicia also has three geographical indications “Viños da Terra” that cover the areas of: “Terra de Barbanza e Iria”, “Terra de Betanzos”, “Terra Val do Miño – Ourense” and “Ribeiras do Morrazo”.

Galician liquors and spirits are also protected by the Denomination of Origin “Augardentes e Licores Tradicionais de Galicia”.

To compete in an international market occupied by large business chains with a large volume of production, wineries of limited volume, as is the case of most Galician companies, resort to the selection of certain markets, prioritizing quality and positioning in the “Premium” segment at competitive prices.

Viticulture, which has become the engine for the integral revitalization of rural Galicia, where the centuries-long tradition of cultivating native varieties is now combined with the modernization of companies and their commitment to innovation, research and advice, to optimize its results and quality. Galicia thus becomes one of the areas where the range of wines offers the greatest wealth for the consumer.

Production in Galicia

In Galicia, more than 18,000 winegrowers work independently or through one of the wineries and cooperatives attached to these five appellatons of origin.