Confirmed Winery, Pazo de Valdeconde S.L.

Attached to A.O. Monterrei,  Pazo de Valdeconde return to Ourense Vinis Terrae, Salón del Vino y Licores Gallegos de Calidad 2021, after a few years of absence to seek new markets for their excellent wines, the result of many years of tradition and generational effort, where their forebears vintners and vine growers, left them the best legacy, their love for wine.

Pazo de Valdeconde has an area of 14 hectares of land, located in the Monterrei Valley and Surroundings. Its main objective is the elaboration of a fresh wine, with a special identity stamp with the aromas of the “terroir”, where through careful and selective production the highest quality of grapes is sought, always in respect and harmony with the environment.

Its wines are made with dedication and care: Setembro, white and red, represent the essence of a unique land: The Monterrei Valley.

The conjunction of the characteristics of the soil and climate generated on the slopes of Mourazos and the use of autochthonous varieties (mencía and tempranillo) imprint a unique and inimitable personality on his wine.