Confirmed winery: Notas Frutales

We present you to Notes Frutales de Albariño, a winery attached to the A.O. Rías Baixas, which has once again relied on Ourense Vinis Terrae, Salón del Vino y Licores Gallegos de Calidad, to seek new marketing channels for its excellent and award-winning wines:

🍷Finca Garabelos

🍷La Trucha

Notes Frutales is a young winery, located in the sub-area of Condado de Tea (Crecente Town Hall) where they combine current techniques in winemaking with the most traditional ones in caring for the vineyard. Vineyards that benefit from constant and delicate work, to obtain a grape at its optimum point of maturity, which gives us the exceptional fruit for the creation of its wines. Expressive wines that denote the qualities of our climate and soils.

The winery with 13 hectares of its own vineyard, planted between 200-350 m. altitude, on the right bank of the river Miño. The vineyards have an average age of 25 years, being more than 45 in some of their estates. The vines are planted on a trellis, which allows them better aeration thus avoiding the concentration of humidity, at the same time that the plant benefits from a greater leaf surface exposed to the sun, which leads to an optimal ripening of the grape. This type of driving achieves lower yields, but with a considerable increase in the quality of the grape. As it is an inland area, the Atlantic winds arrive here attenuated, but still allowing the grape to pick up its appreciated salinity.