Confirmed winery, Viña Costeira.

Ourense Vinis Terrae, Salon del Vino y Licores Gallegos 2021 is an opportunity to open up to the foreign market for small and medium-sized wineries, but it is an appointment for which large Galician wine companies also bet, such as Viña Costeira.

It has more than 50 years of history since it bottled the first Ribeiro wine in the world, the Pazo Ribeiro, and which currently generates 45% of the D.O Ribeiro with a total of 5 million bottles sold each year. In addition, in 2017 it was awarded as the Best Winery in Spain.

Back in 1968, a group of visionary and rebellious people dared to think in a different way than usual in the wine cellars of that time and having as a priority the recovery of the historic grape varieties of Galicia: Loureira, Godello, Albariño or Treixadura among others.

This is how Viña Costeira was born, currently a reference as a wine cellar in the Galician scene, with continuous growth that has made it a solid brand based on its tradition and innovation.

As a result of this continuous innovation, wines and spirits of an undeniable quality and a more than deserved recognition have been born: Collection 68, Tostado Costeira, Lua Jazz Brut or Viña Costeira Mencía are just a small sample of the current and future projection of the winery. One more example of the evolution and expansion of the Viña Costeira winery is the Valdeorras wine.

True to its innovative spirit, we have also opted for crops in the highlands of Valdeorras, in the surroundings of the winding Bibei river where the climatic factor creates especially favorable conditions for the vine.

Another of their projects in which they have great enthusiasm is Pazo de Toubes, a land of centuries-old vineyards located in a place as privileged as it is special. From there, signature wines arise with a completely artisan and traditional elaboration.

This time it is difficult to put a face to the producer because there are many, so we leave you with images of his impressive vineyards.

Thank you very much one more year for your loyalty!